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What are your priorities? We’ll listen and discuss your current situation, goals, and what makes you tick. What are your most valued assets? Who should your insurance benefits or pay-out go to? Are your family and/or business protected? What plans have you got in place? We offer a range of financial services to fit your needs.

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Join over 40% of Kiwis and use a trusted financial adviser.

Our values means we put you and your family first every step of the way. Guaranteed.

Simplify the home buying process
Demystify insurance and help you maximise your claims
Make sure you’re investing in your future
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Frequently asked questions

This is because the banks and insurers pay us for helping you get a home loan or take out an insurance policy. This way you don’t have to pay us no matter what lender or insurer we use. In rare cases where the lender doesn’t pay is we do charge a fee, but will tell you ahead of starting that work so you can tell us whether to proceed or not.

Not at all! We have clients from Whangarei to Invercargill and even overseas! Thanks to video calls, emails and our online client portal we can work with you wherever you are!

No, we’re truly independent and have no volume requirements with any of our providers and have a wide range of providers we use. We do this so you can truly get what’s best for you.

To get in touch and have us start to figure out your situation you don’t need anything. However some things we likely to need are: ID, payslips, bank account statements.

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