Building a home can be an exciting and daunting process all in one!

We are here ensure it goes as smoothly and as cost effectively as possible.

For construction loans, the lending process, rates and requirements can vary significantly between different lenders. We are here to ensure you experience the simplest process and the best rates available for you! 

We also have a strong relationship with a number of housing companies so can put you in contact with our most trusted and reliable partners. 

When building a new home, there are different types of loans available. 

Progressive drawdown loan

If you have a fixed price contract for your new build, a progressive drawdown loan is a great way to reduce your risk and save on interest payments. Under a progressive drawdown loan, you pay for the land then the funds for the build get released in stages as payments become due. 

Turnkey loan

A turnkey loan process is simple. You will pay a deposit, usually around 10% before construction starts, then once the house is complete you still pay the remaining amount. 

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